Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Boutique Hotels, Italy’s Spiritual Home

If you are looking for boutique hotels, Italy’s spiritual home – Umbria – offers a unique experience.

Spiritual heart

Umbria is known as Italy’s ‘green heart’ thanks to its rolling hills and picturesque towns and villages – there are no big overpowering cities. As well as its green lusciousness the region is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside – it’s also considered to be Italy’s ‘spiritual heart’.

Boutique hotels, Italy, for individuality

Umbria is packed with hill-top towns with their unique charms and characteristics, resplendent with religious treasures. As well as the architecture and landscape, the region offers luxurious foods from olive oil to truffles. If you are going to visit this part of Italy, the only place to stay is in one of the boutique hotels.

Life off the beaten track

The kind of traveller who stays in this part of Italy will appreciate life off the beaten tourist track. And it’s no wonder that you can find some of the best boutique hotels in Italy here. Hailed as Tuscany’s ‘prettier sister’ it has avoided the coach-loads of tourists thanks to the fact it is a landlocked county with no beach-bum appeal. Perhaps because there are no big cities – it doesn’t have the allure of Florence or Rome - but if you dismiss Umbria you’ll miss a treasure trove of history, architecture and culture enveloped in its inviting green valleys.

Stay in boutique hotels, Italy

If you book into one of the boutique hotels in this part of Italy, you can experience a completely unique and enchanting experience that’s a million miles from the mass tourist hotels and destinations in Rome and Florence.

Rustic elegance

The beauty of the landscapes and rustic, traditional farmhouses will inspire anybody to pick up a paintbrush – even if you failed art at school. Umbria is where the Renaissance began, inspiring Michelangelo, Lucca Signorelli and Giotto who all lived and painted in the region. And so art is everywhere you look in the churches and palazzi as well as the more famous spots such as Giotto’s St Francis’s basilica in Assisi.

Religious treasures

Saints and religious leaders abound in the region, including St Francis – who was born into wealth and grew from his tearaway youth to teach others that money wasn’t everything in life – St Francis turned Assisi and Umbria into the ‘spiritual heart’ of Italy for Italians. If you are looking for a unique and authentic holiday, book one of the luxury boutique hotels in Italy’s spiritual heart. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g187904-Umbria-Vacations.html

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