Monday, 26 March 2012

How to Complete a Quick Sale of my Home? We Have the Answers

If you’re asking, ‘How do I complete a quick sale of my home?’ Check out our guide below. To find out more visit

It can be hard trying to sell a property. Fast house sales seem to be a thing of the past - witnessed by some of the extreme lengths house sellers have gone to. Those desperate to complete a quick sale of their home have sought out ever more creative ways to attract home buyers.

Can’t Complete a Quick Sale?

There’s no shortage of desperate home-sellers asking, ‘how do I complete a quick sale of my home?’ Some have gone to extreme lengths – one seller put his house into a prize draw, selling tickets for £25 a piece to win the home, valued at £250,000. It’s a gamble. Some have cut out estate agents after losing faith in the market, tired of spending thousands on a service which can be slow, laborious, stressful and time consuming. Other methods in an attempt to generate a quick house sale include online auctions, selling with a simple hand-made ‘for sale’ sign, using the internet, throwing in free gifts, and in some property developers cases, offering a range of deals from free home insurance for a year, free cars, and even cash-back schemes. All these innovative methods reveal the desperation of home-sellers, as well as their frustration with estate agents unable to complete a quick sale of their homes.

Complete a Quick Sale of My Home!

So how do you complete a quick sale of your home successfully? If the need to move fast outweighs the need to sell for the best possible price, you could opt for a fast house sale scheme using a dedicated property rescue service. There a fast house sale schemes that will buy your home fast for cash at around 75-85% the market value of your home. This will give you a guaranteed quick sale. If you have the time and resources however, you can increase the chances of completing a quick sale of your home by:

  • Research a good estate agent – you can start with the National Association of Estate Agents.

  • Negotiate the right price for your home. Don’t be tempted to go too high. Go to websites such as to check out prices of other houses sold in your area.

  • If you want to cut out agents, there are listings websites online – potential buyers will get in touch with you directly if they are interested. There are even ‘swap homes’ schemes in place, which may offer limited choice but could be worth checking out. (You will need good legal advice if you are selling a home yourself).

  • Auctions are very quick and simple, but you do risk getting a lower price for your home – you have no control over how the auction pans out. You will need to pay auctioneer fees, catalogue entry fees and solicitor fees.

  • If you want to sell the traditional route, home improvements can help you complete a quick sale. This can take some financial investment but painting your home, tidying the garden and packing away clutter will make your home more sellable. One survey found spending £1,330 painting your home can add £3,557 on your property price. Some property improvements can cost more with no return (home extensions can typically cost more than they add in value to your property).

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