Monday, 26 March 2012

Buy My House for Cash Fast! Escape the Mental Stress

If you're struggling with the mental stress of debt, you may be tempted to scream sell my house fast!

Have you found yourself asking: buy my house for cash fast? There are all sorts of reasons why you might want a fast house sale for cash. You may need to release funds for a wedding, or decide to take a year out and travel the world, or you may need to free up funds for retirement plans. But perhaps the most common motivation in today's economic climate is debt. Homeowners who are finding themselves unable to keep up with the high costs of their mortgage and home ownership are increasingly desperate and looking for someone to buy their house for cash fast.

Buy my House for Cash Fast!

The effects of financial stress can be debilitating. Every day can feel like a mountain to climb just to get through day-to-day life. And looking to the future can leave some people feeling depressed and ill. When it comes down to it, it's not surprising so many homeowners end up saying 'buy my house for cash fast'. A recent BBC report says that stress from debt is costing the NHS in London alone £1.8bn. It's thought around a quarter of a million Londoners are struggling with mental health problems as a direct result of debt. Stress can trigger high blood pressure and heart attacks. And when you're health is on the line, it makes you realise that the cost of debt can sometimes be too high. Some homeowners ask fast house sale companies to buy their house for cash fast, and switch to renting until they feel in stronger mental and financial health. 

Debt Stress: The Mental Health Risk

Figures from the Consumer Credit Counselling Service show that there has been a 40% increase in requests from Londoners alone seeking help for debt. The credit crunch and the increased threat of repossession on homeowners in debt have resulted in a significant threat to the nation's mental health. House repossession has been rated as the event that is most likely to trigger mental health problems – more so than other life changing events such as redundancy. Home-owners could be queuing up to fast house sale companies asking 'buy my house for cash fast!' to escape their money worries. And even those lucky enough to hang onto their homes are thought to be at risk of mental health problems from the stress and worry of trying to juggle household debts.

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