Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Steel Buildings – Berlin Trumps London Eye

As steel buildings go, the London Eye cuts a fairly impressive figure across the capital’s skyline. Unfortunately, however, Berlin has decided to go one better by building a Ferris wheel some 50m higher than London’s effort.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Berlin plan to build a Ferris wheel of their own in order to rival London’s iconic feature. Weighing in at a colossal 6,500 tonnes, it will certainly be one of Germany’s largest steel buildings when it is completed and it will have a significant claim to fame in being the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe if not one of the largest steel buildings designed.

Steel Buildings – Room With a View

In one of the most ambitious steel buildings that Germany has devised, the 185m tall, Berlin Wheel, will dwarf the London Eye by some 50m. According to the report in the Daily Mail, the visually spectacular wheel is scheduled to be completed in 2009 at which point it is expected to take its place amongst some of the world’s most striking steel buildings. The construction hopes to be one of Germany’s biggest tourist attractions as Ferris wheel’s appear to have become a prerequisite for all major cities throughout the world.

Steel Buildings – China Leads the Way

According to the report in the Daily Mail, China hopes to build a series of Ferris wheels that will add to their already substantial array of steel buildings. As Beijing is the venue for the Olympic Games in summer, it had hope to complete construction of the Beijing Wheel in time for the opening ceremony but, as steel buildings often involve complex designs, it is now not expected to be completed until 2009. As steel buildings are extremely durable, the Berlin Wheel will be capable of housing 1,500 at any one time on the ride which will last just over half an hour. In total the entire project is expected to cost in excess of £85 million. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Gereon Asmuth of Germany’s TAZ newspaper, stated, “The wheel is the perfect symbol for the 21st century.”

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