Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Small luxury hotel – Italy’s Past Explored

If you want to discover some enthralling history, book one of the small luxury hotels in Italy’s fascinating Umbria region.

Book a small luxury hotel in Italy’s Umbria

Umbria is an idyllic spot to enjoy the here and now – there can’t be a more idyllic way to spend a holiday than booking a small luxury hotel in Italy and being enthralled by the visual delights and culinary extravaganzas on offer. But if you want to dig beyond the present day, there is a dark past to explore. The architecture of the area is evidence of centuries of vibrant history.

A history of violence

The fortresses and towns perched on hilltops are also testament to the fact that they were built strategically to spot the enemy. For visitors staying in one of the areas small luxury hotels – this means there is the added bonus of stunning views! But the beauty of the area hides centuries of violence.

Hannibal’s invasion

Known for Hannibal’s invasion, the area was colonized by the Roman Empire. During the Roman civil war around 40BC, Perugia sided with Mark Anthony and was almost completely destroyed by Octavian.

Papacy and Empire

After the end of the Roman Empire, the Byzantines struggled for supremacy and violence became rife. Some territories were at war with neighbours as a result of the general conflict between papacy and empire. If you are staying in one of the area’s small luxury hotels, you’ll be aware of the many churches in Italy.

Frescoes of Saint Francis

The Basilica di San Francesco is a must-see for visitors to Assisi, where they can enjoy the frescoes of the life of Saint Francis, painted by Giotto. The frescoes are found in the upper church, which was badly damaged during an earthquake in 1997, but are now restored.

Explore from your hotel

Staying in one of the small luxury hotels in Italy’s green heart, Umbria means you can take your time to breathe in the rich history. Thanks to the fascinating past, you can enjoy a 12th century fortress or a 16th century palace and feel history seep through the architecture. If you want to just feel the peace of centuries surround you, than you can visit the simple Basilica di Santa Chiara church in Assisi, and sit and absorb the silence.
But as well as the history and natural beauty, you’ll find in Umbria style and glitter too – you can stay in some of the best small luxury hotels in Italy here – after all, it wouldn’t be Italy without a touch of sophisticated glamour. You may even want to move out here as some holidaymakers just love their breaks so much and end up moving to Dubai, France or Spain.

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